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Headed for the sierra

September 5, 2010

Plans do change. Rather than fly from our home in Wisconsin to Quito in the mountains of Ecuador, we took flights to Guayaquil, the commercial center of Ecuador on the coast so that we could start with two weeks of language classes on the beach. After taking a long bus, a bicycle taxi, a small ferry, and another taxi we arrived at the little beach town of Canoa where we spent a week at the Sundown Inn with Don Jaime and his staff, fishing, swimming, making friends and playing ping pong.

Next was a week at Rio Muchacho organic farm, where Fredy gave us outstanding Spanish lessons and  we toured the countryside as well as the eco-school, artisan workshops, virgin monkey forest, and farms of Rio Muchacho. We felt at home with the community of people there, including volunteers and visitors from many places: Canada, Holland, Italy, Ecuador, and of course California and Georgia. Quite the exemplary devotion to sustainability there. More on Rio Muchacho later, but here’s a link

Tomorrow we fly to Cuenca for a two week stay with a local family and more intensive Spanish lessons, as well as a tour of the first of our possible homes for the coming school year. Hope the plane leaves! We met a couple from Connecticut back from the airport this afternoon because their plane to Cuenca was delayed until tomorrow.

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