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Fishing Lagunas Mojanda, climbing Fuya Fuya

September 23, 2010

Heavy fog cleared to bright skies early in the morning. Trout were clearly visible, but were uninterested in any of the lures presented: spinners, PowerBait for Trout, doughballs, cranks and soft plastic minnows. Clear skies and clear water were not to blame, as the clouds returned and light rain fell off and on after 10:30. Despite attempts from likely sites along much of the southern shore, only one bite resulted. That bite came on a soft rabbit strip fly when we switched to fly fishing.

At 1:55 PM the rain began in earnest and continued through the afternoon. Three soggy fishermen departed at 2:55, though a waiting camioneta with a heavy tarp over the rear bed provided refuge for 15-20 minutes until their driver arrived for the return to Cotacachi.

The day was hardly a disappointment. The driver was “amable,” and suggested we try again with worms some day. Flies appear to be promising also. And Jerry reported a successful summit of Fuya Fuya after lunch, with a brief and welcome opening in the clouds during the last 10 minutes of the climb, which provided a view of both Otavalo and the outskirts of Quito enjoying bright sunshine.

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