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A regular, normal day

November 30, 2010

“Regular” and “normal.” Two words that are the same here in Ecuador as in Wisconsin, our U.S. home. And today was remarkably similar to a regular, normal day back in Wisconsin. Except that it began at 5:30 AM, which is when Colin must get up for school here. Oh, and the uniform he wears each day, with the name of the school on his shirt and grey, v-neck sweater.

After breakfast and making lunch, he is at the bus stop by 6:30 and at school by 7:00. This morning, we had the dishes washed, the trash out at the curb, and a liter of fresh milk straight from the farmer cooling in the fridge also by 7:00. Yes, we finally found a local farm where we can buy the freshest of milk, just like we do from Amish neighbors in Wisconsin. And they would be happy to know that here in Ecuador, we don’t need to drive a car to pick up our milk– it’s only three blocks!

Not as much cream, but still that good, fresh taste

After Natalie and I did some work and a postal errand, I laced up my running shoes and she clipped on her bike helmet. Away we went for a 30 minute jaunt outside of town, where we saw cows and horses grazing, houses being built, and breathed plenty of fresh (albeit a bit thinner) air. On the way back we stopped to talk at the local bike shop, then had a fresh-squeezed orange juice at the Solid Rock Café. Next the grocery store, then a produce stand for local avocados and oranges– okay, we don’t get local avocados or oranges in Wisconsin.

Rural running and riding outside Cotacachi

Home for a shower and lunch, some more work, then Colin came home from school. After an afternoon of homework, phone calls, talking about our Christmas vacation, replacing an empty propane tank (no natural gas here), talking about boats we’d like to build and places we’d like to visit before we leave South America, we had dinner, did more homework, and finished reading Los Tres Mosqueteros (The Three Musketeers) out loud– an abridged version, in Spanish. Now Colin is in bed, we’re staying in touch with friends via the Internet, and another post is done… Un día regular, normal.

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