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Ultimate Disc-o Fever

March 31, 2011

Anybody who’s been to the South Street baseball fields in Viroqua on a Sunday afternoon knows that we love to play Ultimate, the fast-moving “frisbee” disc game played with two teams on a soccer field (or cancha, in South America). We’re there nearly every Sunday, playing into the fall until the snow flies.

Up for grabs

No surprise then that we brought discs on our South American sabbatical. Plenty of discs, cones to mark goals, even our cleats solely for the purpose of playing Ultimate (okay, we thought Colin would probably play futbol– soccer– also, which he has).

Ultimate is terrifically popular among college-age athletes in the States, and it turned out to be the same in Argentina. Here are a few pictures of our games at Gaia, near Navarro in Buenos Aires province. We’ve given away discs to the point we have none left, so we’re trying to get more– several of these Argentine players have asked, after looking for and not finding any available in stores.

How to throw

I wish I had a picture of Hugo, the capoeira afficionado, catching the disc over his head with his feet, but we didn’t have the camera ready.


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